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All apps on your ultra box (coming soon)

Top streaming apps on your Ultra & Ulti Box

We're excited that Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar are finally here on Ultra Box. Stay tuned for more of your favourite apps coming soon.

All apps on your ultra box (coming soon)

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Get amazing deals when you subscribe to any curated Astro pack bundled with these top streaming apps.

All apps on your ultra box (coming soon)

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Hassle-free payment of all apps in a single Astro bill.

Apps you love, coming soon to your Ultra Box

Enjoy an all-new viewing experience on the Ultra Box

With Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar now on board, you can now enjoy even more of what you love on your TV screen.

We're working towards making iQiyi and TVBAnywhere+ available on Ultra & Ulti Box soon. Meanwhile, enjoy these apps including HBO GO on your phone, tablet and laptop whenever, wherever.

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